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Fado Group
Fado Group
Fado and its audience


If you are interested in hiring a Fado Group, please contact us. We have more than 30 excellent musicians that meet the high quality standards Fado ao Centro® presents.

Visit us at Rua do Quebra Costas in Coimbra, and prove the quality of the performances. Everyday of the year we present concerts of the traditional Fado de Coimbra at 6:00 pm.

If you are interested in a Fado from Coimbra performance:

  • in a Street Serenade
  • in a Concert in Auditorium
  • in a Wedding
  • in a Congress / Conference
  • in a Private Serenade
  • in a Birthday / Aniversary party

Contact us for concerts of Fado from Coimbra, Fado from Lisbon and Instrumental concerts with Portuguese guitar, in Portugal or any other country.

We have a close partnership with: www.fadodecoimbra.com